First Visit Check List

Dental Insurance Information

Please bring any Dental Insurance information you have to your first visit. This would include your insurance ID card if applicable. Employer name, Group number, Subscriber information and ID numbers are all required to process your insurance claims.

Our office does accept assignment of benefits for Primary Insurance. Co-payments are due at the time of service in accordance with our financial policies.

If you have a dental benefit booklet, it may be helpful to bring that also.

Please speak with any member of our administrative staff if you have questions regarding Insurance.

Medical Information

Please bring the name, address, and telephone number of your medical provider. Also bring a list of current medications and dosages you are taking. It is important that we know about your general health. Please inform us of any allergies you have, whether or not you smoke or use smokeless tobacco. Also, if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant please mention this to the Doctor and Staff.

You can save some time in the office by filling out a patient registration and medical history form and bringing the completed form with you.

Previous Dental Records and X-rays

It is often helpful to have the most recent x-rays taken by your previous dentist. If you have had complex treatment in the past, written records may be useful as well.

It is best if you contact your previous dentist's office and ask to have these forwarded to us. Due to privacy regulations you will likely have to sign a release form in order for the office to send them.