Be At Ease

Sedation dentistry provides safe, comfortable dental treatment for patients with special needs. Sometimes called relaxation dentistry, sedation dentistry is a method of managing pain and anxiety during professional dental care through the use of medication.

You can benefit from sedation dentistry if you experience one or more of the following:

  • High fear of dental care
  • Complex dental problems
  • Traumatic dental experiences
  • Fear of needles and shots
  • Trouble getting numb
  • Sensitive teeth

The two most common types of sedation dentistry are:

  1. Oral Conscious Sedation
  2. Inhalation Sedation

Oral Conscious Sedation

Through this type of sedation you will experience very deep relaxation while still being conscious. Your doctor will provide you with an oral medication that is easy to swallow, safe, and low cost. When the medication takes effect, you will be able to speak and respond to external requests. Oral sedation is often used in conjunction with nitrous oxide/oxygen to enhance its effect as needed.

Inhalation Sedation

Inhalation sedation uses Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen (laughing gas) to help your body achieve a relaxed state. This is the most popular form of sedation used in dentistry today.

Dental Anxiety

Our state-of-the art equipment and techniques go a long way toward eliminating the discomfort or anxiety that some people feel about having dental treatment. We understand that some patients may feel apprehensive, and that's okay. It's normal.

Please be assured that our top priority is your comfort. We'll address any apprehension you may be experiencing and take every measure possible to assure that your experience with us will be comfortable (and, we hope, pleasurable)!

Remember, first, that you are in control at all times. During your procedure, we encourage you to let us know how you are feeling! If you want to stop the treatment at any time, you may simply let us know. If you would like to take a short break, we'll happily accommodate your request.

We carefully provide pre-procedure anesthetic for your comfort. Prior to numbing, we always apply a topical gel anesthetic to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. 

Comfort. You will appreciate our stress reduction techniques and our special ability to help fearful patients. Modern dentistry can be surprisingly gentle. The main factor is taking the time to be gentle and careful. Relaxation may simply mean listening to your selection of music with our iPod, a pair of sunglasses, and a back massager.

For those who need extra help. Premedication with antianxiety medication is available. For select cases, we can provide treatment under conscious sedation. We understand the emotional reaction to dentistry and work to see that your visit is comfortable and relaxing. Why should it be anything else?